Saturday, April 21, 2007


This illustration is from a series I did on the solar system for an art class I taught at an elementary school. The class was learning about the solar system, so I incorporated their science learning into a creative visual art lesson. Each child was asked to illustrate one page from a children's story I had written about how the planets in our solar system got their names. I made a master set of illustrations myself, as preparation for the project. This is my illustration for Pluto.

The collage contains a large scrap of a business-reply envelope, and Pluto is torn from a magazine page. The colour comes from pencil crayons and wax crayons.

For the entire set of illustrations I created a simple "grid" of two lines intersecting at right angles somewhere on the page. The point of intersection was never the same place on each page, but moved about in a kind of progression from one page to the next. The point of intersection became the focal or "visual tension" point on each page, and helped me vary the size and scale of the planets in an interesting way.

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