Monday, June 11, 2007

the earth (everything)

I was visiting my sister in Smithville, Ontario this weekend, and she played me a song which I can't get out of my head - Everything, from Michael Buble's latest CD Call Me Irresponsible. (Listen to a sample here - scroll down to track nine.)*

It's a real feel-good song; I was dancing around my sister's kitchen with my five-year-old niece, swaying with her and spinning her around.

The chorus goes, "And in this crazy life, and these crazy times it's you, it's you. You make me sing. You're every line, you're every word, you're everything."

I remembered the lyrics incorrectly, and thought it said "in this crazy world." Which made me think of the earth... which made me think of this illustration.

It's another one from my solar system series. The earth is made with a scrap of Ontario roadmap, and the moon is a scrap from a magazine ad. It's again coloured with Crayola wax crayons and black china marker.

In a funny (strange) twist, one of the students in the class looked at the illustration and said, "That's where my cottage is." I hadn't picked the Parry Sound area on purpose - I just wanted a piece of map that included land as well as water. In an even stranger twist, when I showed the illustrations to my friend Mary Hamilton, she also commented that her cottage was in that area.

*And in an even stranger twist, when I Googled Michael Buble to find a link for the song sample, I found his homepage - where Everything was the track of the day.

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